Aug. 24th, 2015

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This is a lengthy post - have I seriously written 25 stories?!! - so everything's under a 'read more'.

[ N A R U T O ] :

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[ H A R R Y ~ P O T T E R ] :

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[ L E G E N D ~ O F ~ K O R R A ] :

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[ O R P H A N E D ~ F I C S ] :

I recently deleted/orphaned a handful of my more *ahem* mature stories because my kids discovered my and AO3 accounts. I don't mind putting the links up to the orphaned stories here, though, since my kids don't know I have this blog.

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[ W A R N I N G ] : 

This blog may contain inordinate amounts of

  • Naruto
  • The 100
  • Harry Potter
  • The Walking Dead
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender / Legend of Korra

[ A B O U T ~ M E ] :

I am a married, 30-something housewife with three kids, two of whom are teenagers.
(see also: heather is ancient)

I write fanfiction as a way to maintain my sanity.
(not so much lately, though; I'm focusing on RL until my kids graduate)

I am a multi-shipper. As such, I have few OTP's.
(Bellarke, Zutara, KakaSaku, and InoCho are my babies for LIFE)

Things that make me happy:

  • bellamy blake's arms
  • shoujo/josei manga
  • sci-fi or fantasy anything
  • zOMBIES!!!
  • well-written fanfiction recs
  • did I mention bellamy blake's arms?
  • chocolate & books

[ E X T R A S ] :

My fanfiction masterlist: [25]
Fanfiction recs: [full of awesome1] [full of awesome2] [full of awesome3] [full of awesome4]

Introduce yourself below, and I'll add you to my circle!


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