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So I've thinking about my first ventures into the world of fanfiction lately. I was a reader long before I was a writer, due to lack of time and confidence, and I've accumulated a lot of favorites of over the years. I remember when, before ff.net frowned upon using links, lots people used to have recommendations list in their profiles. You know, I really miss that. Some of the best reads I've had came from those lists. So, I'm attempting to do one of my own.

#20- Irreconcilable Differences  by libraflyter

Fandom: Legend of Korra
Pairing: Asami/Mako
Rating: K
Summary: It would never have worked out between them. Meta crack for the Asami and Mako break up. Warnings for comic book references and silliness.

Why It's Awesome:
It's hilarious. It appeals to the geeky-fangirl side of me more than I can say. It pits Marvel Vs. DC in the LoK verse in a wonderfully smart, yet crack-tastic way. Plus it actually gives resolution to the whole Masami non break-up.

#19- On Sex by Lotos-Eater

Fandom: Naruto
Pairing: Neji/Tenten
Rating: M
Summary: With titles like this, who needs summaries?

Why It's So Awesome:
I remember being really moved by the rawness of this piece. It gives Tenten a tragic backstory, without all the overdramatic stuff that tends to go with that. Instead Tenten faces her issues head on, sometimes at the tip of a sword. This is sexual experimentation, with all its awkward realities, and personal truimph, written NejiTen style.

#18- Add Me Colour by Cella N

Fandom: Naruto
Pairing: Sai/Sakura
Rating: T
Summary: "All my life is white. Paint me. Add me colour.” SAKURA. SAI. The insufficient struggle against the monotony of waiting.

Why It's So Awesome: It's deliciously angsty. It's also beautifully simple. Life moves on with or without us. We can be stuck, like the rocks of a riverbed, or we can be like the water that flows. It's a very real depiction of a life without purpose.

#17- Choosing Black by Killaurey

Fandom: Naruto
Character: Ino
Rating: T
Summary: Dying for the village has never bothered Ino.

Why It's So Awesome: Take the general idea of a mood ring, apply it to the shinobi world and add the best Ino characterization I have EVER read (no really, it's that good), then shake thoroughly. This is what you would get.

#16- Individualistic Monsters by Siluial

Fandom: Naruto
Pairing: Gaara/Sakura
Rating: M
Summary: He's not so much of an enemy anymore.

Why It's So Awesome: This one is old-school Gaasaku. It covered the then unknown ground of what Gaara could be like after his encounter with Naruto. Sparring matches, joint missions and some tasteful citrus round out the deal. Plus, it's long enough to have some real plot, but short enough to finish in a single sitting.

Just a quick note- For the sake of this list, I will only be posting completed fics.
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