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This is a lengthy post - have I seriously written 25 stories?!! - so everything's under a 'read more'.

[ N A R U T O ] :

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[ H A R R Y ~ P O T T E R ] :

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[ L E G E N D ~ O F ~ K O R R A ] :

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[ O R P H A N E D ~ F I C S ] :

I recently deleted/orphaned a handful of my more *ahem* mature stories because my kids discovered my ff.net and AO3 accounts. I don't mind putting the links up to the orphaned stories here, though, since my kids don't know I have this blog.

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Last, but most certainly not least...

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Well, that's it!

Wow... I really had fun doing that.
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Alright... I can't sleep, so I figured I'd post the next installment. Here goes!

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It's really late while I'm doing this, so if anyone sees any glaring typos, etc., please let me know. Thanks!
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So I've thinking about my first ventures into the world of fanfiction lately. I was a reader long before I was a writer, due to lack of time and confidence, and I've accumulated a lot of favorites of over the years. I remember when, before ff.net frowned upon using links, lots people used to have recommendations list in their profiles. You know, I really miss that. Some of the best reads I've had came from those lists. So, I'm attempting to do one of my own.

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Just a quick note- For the sake of this list, I will only be posting completed fics.


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