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Aug. 24th, 2015 11:23 pm
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[ W A R N I N G ] : 

This blog may contain inordinate amounts of

  • Naruto
  • The 100
  • Harry Potter
  • The Walking Dead
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender / Legend of Korra

[ A B O U T ~ M E ] :

I am a married, 30-something housewife with three kids, two of whom are teenagers.
(see also: heather is ancient)

I write fanfiction as a way to maintain my sanity.
(not so much lately, though; I'm focusing on RL until my kids graduate)

I am a multi-shipper. As such, I have few OTP's.
(Bellarke, Zutara, KakaSaku, and InoCho are my babies for LIFE)

Things that make me happy:

  • bellamy blake's arms
  • shoujo/josei manga
  • sci-fi or fantasy anything
  • zOMBIES!!!
  • well-written fanfiction recs
  • did I mention bellamy blake's arms?
  • chocolate & books

[ E X T R A S ] :

My fanfiction masterlist: [25]
Fanfiction recs: [full of awesome1] [full of awesome2] [full of awesome3] [full of awesome4]

Introduce yourself below, and I'll add you to my circle!


Aug. 25th, 2015 10:10 am
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I have a CRAP TON of cleaning to do today (plus making lunch for my high schoolers & a sick hubby), and when I'm finished i'm going to treat myself to a good, long fanfiction reading binge.

I was thinking about leafygirl's kakasaku fic, The Last Hiremeki, since it's recently been completed, but i'm not sure.

Anyone have any recommendations?
(I don't really care what fandom or pairing. Just no slash, please; it's not my thing.)
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This is a lengthy post - have I seriously written 25 stories?!! - so everything's under a 'read more'.

[ N A R U T O ] :

Read more... )

[ H A R R Y ~ P O T T E R ] :

Read more... )

[ L E G E N D ~ O F ~ K O R R A ] :

Read more... )

[ O R P H A N E D ~ F I C S ] :

I recently deleted/orphaned a handful of my more *ahem* mature stories because my kids discovered my ff.net and AO3 accounts. I don't mind putting the links up to the orphaned stories here, though, since my kids don't know I have this blog.

Read more... )

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Last, but most certainly not least...

My favorites 1 - 5 )
Well, that's it!

Wow... I really had fun doing that.
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Alright... I can't sleep, so I figured I'd post the next installment. Here goes!

My Favorites 6 - 10 )

It's really late while I'm doing this, so if anyone sees any glaring typos, etc., please let me know. Thanks!
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So I've thinking about my first ventures into the world of fanfiction lately. I was a reader long before I was a writer, due to lack of time and confidence, and I've accumulated a lot of favorites of over the years. I remember when, before ff.net frowned upon using links, lots people used to have recommendations list in their profiles. You know, I really miss that. Some of the best reads I've had came from those lists. So, I'm attempting to do one of my own.

My favorites 16 - 20 )

Just a quick note- For the sake of this list, I will only be posting completed fics.
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